Help make Fun-A-Day 2012 happen!

Last year, Providence hosted it's first Fun-A-Day. There were over 30 participating 'artists', and more than 300 people came to our show. You can check out pictures of the event here.

Fun-A-Day happens every year in cities around the country, and right here in Providence too! It is a challenge to do something creative (and fun) everyday for a month. The best Fun-A-Days engage entire communities in the wonder of creating. Fun-A-Day always ends in a giant art show and community party. Anyone can participate, anyone can come.

This year, we will do it all again. We are looking for participants AND organizers. Won't you join us?

PLANNING starts Now!
MAKING happens every day in in January 2012
SHOWING takes place for one weekend in February 2012

To help plan, email us (see the contact page).
To participate as an artist, sign up under "participate".