One Week From Today!

Are you ready to share your work?!

Friends, the time has come! Gather and proudly show the work you've done for Fun-A-Day! Every day in January, you've created art (or at least thought about it?) and now it's time to shine! CELEBRATE with three cheers and a pot luck surrounded by your friends and family! We've made it into the New Year with imagination and inspiration at our heels!

FREE HANG: Yeah, that's right. YOU hang your work however you want -- have an idea? Let us know! EMAIL US to let us know you're participating. That's right, email us to tell us you're going to share your work! We need to know how big your piece is going to be -- do you have 31 8x11in pieces of paper? Fourteen glass blown snowflakes? Forty 4x6in pictures? Whatever it is, let us know!

Free Hang times:
  • Friday, Feb. 15th 10am-5pm.
Meet us at the WBNA at 1560 Westminster St, Providence, RI.

The great people at the West Broadway Neighborhood's Association have kindly let us use their space again! What did past shows look like? We had pictures posted to glass doors, postcards hanging from strings, and musicians performing their pieces. Get inspired from photos of years past.
  • Friday, Feb. 15th 7-11pm
  • Saturday, Feb. 16th 7-11pm 
Invite your friends and family on Facebook!

Can't make it to the free hang before the show? Drop off your work to the WBNA on Wednesday, Feb. 13th from 6-10pm. We'll be there!