What began as a gathering at Coffee Exchange and a call from Craigslist, Fun-A-Day Providence enters the fourth year of celebrating the creativity embedded in our beautiful city. 

But, we need your HELP! With time comes changes. The founding organizers of Fun-A-Day Providence are looking to pass the torch to a new group of passionate artists and organizers. While we believe strongly in the mission of Fun-A-Day (to have fun!), new opportunities have pulled us away from organizing this amazing event.

Make Fun-A-Day yours, Providence! 
It's easy: (1) find a location, (2) get some artists together, and (3) throw a party! It doesn't take much; the first Fun-A-Day in Philadelphia was held in someone's home!

If you've attended our celebration events in the past, participated as an inspired sojourner, know someone who is great at organizing, or have a megaphone willing to broadcast the Fun-A-Day mission, let us know! Email us, share our info on Facebook, whatever it takes. This event and this celebration has added so much color and warmth to the coldest of Providence winters, but it can't happen without YOU! 

Stay inspired, Providence!
- Hong, Catie, Natasha, Liz, Pnina, Sarah, Anna, and Joanna