Free Hang Schedule!

It's February and we're excited to meet all of the participants from this year's Fun-A-Day! 

Remember, this is all going on at the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA) at 1560 Westminster. 

Free Hang Schedule: 
  1. Wednesday             2/8,             6-9pm 
  2. Thursday                 2/9,             9-11pm
  3. Friday (day of show!)               10am-3pm 
-- come to a Free Hang to set your work up! 
  •  "Free Hang" means everyone in the show puts up their own work.  
  • Organizers can help you as much or as little as you like.  Some people just drop work off and ask us to display it for them. 
  • The way you show your work is up to you - how and what, part of the project or the whole thing.  

-- bring supplies if you can/if you've got special cool stuff you need. 
  • We'll have some basics: masking tape, thumbtacks, nails and hammers, screwdrivers and white paint.

--'s a POTLUCK. 

  • Please bring delicious anythings to share, we'll do our part to provide some food & drink.  Think simple snacks, anything goes. 
-- Performing? Talk to us. 
  • We'll be setting up folks who want to do live performance on both nights of the show.  Let us know if you're one of those people. 
  • The plan is to do "pop-up" performances..we'll have a set aside space, and whenever you're ready we'll make an announcement! 

Invite friends, bring a camera and check out all the work that's been gettin' made around Providence this January.

If you've got any questions about the Free Hangs, or you can't make it and need to drop work off another time: email