Fun A Day & I HEART PROVIDENCE Get Down together next Thursday Night

Hey yo Fun A Dayers!

Mike Ritz, who heads up I HEART PROVIDENCE sent me (Joanna) an invitation for Fun A Day-ers to attend and participate in  this year's I HEART PROVIDENCE. It's this Feb. 10th from 6-8pm  in Providence City Hall. Sounds 'fun'!

     Here's the invite:

Every year we conduct a group art project that involves creating some kind of art piece by the attendees during the night. The first year was a video confession project, which can be viewed here: Last year, we partnered with New Urban Arts for "Love Letters to Providence" and created "Give your heart to Providence" which resulted in people expressing how they love Providence by writing on giant foam hearts and adding their pictures to them using the on-site Photobooth.

This year, we'd like to offer a booth with you in it as an Art Guide. In advance of the evening, we'll encourage attendees to bring whatever materials they'd like and have them create art pieces on site. Our hope is that you will assist them in seeing art all around them and in turning their materials into something more than what they started out to be. There's no pressure here; only that you convey the understanding that art is all around us all the time - we only have to wake up to see it.

 If you're interested in participating in this effort, please contact Mike Ritz at