Fun a Day Last Minute Information 4 Participants

Hey Cats and Kittens,
Are you ready for the show??? We are so looking forward to seeing the work and meeting all of you! If you haven't yet, please let us know for sure if you will be showing/performing your work at the show next weekend. You can do that by signing up here or responding to the confirmation email you received from us about 2 weeks ago.

Sooooo....Here's some last minute information you'll need to know about next week's Free Hang and the show:

The show will be held:

Friday, February 11th, 2011, from 7pm-11pm , and Saturday February 12th, 2011, 5pm-10pm.

at the:

West Broadway Neighborhood Associatio
1560 Westminster Street
Providence RI 02909

The show is a time for the artists to meet each other and share their work with their friends.These are the only times that the show will be on display. Food is currently being sought for donation, but really the opening is pot-luck style, so if you are able to bring anything to share, grrreat!


We would love for as many people as possible to hang their own work. If you can, please come to hang/display/arrange your work at WBNA during one of the following times:

Wednesday Feb 9th, between 8:30pm and 11pm,
Thursday, Feb 10th between noon and 5:30pm.

We’ll provide limited supplies like pushpins, tape, nails, hammers, clips, etc., for those who need them, however, our budget is limited. Please bring what you anticipate needing to display your work if you can, especially if you require specialty materials.

(Most of the walls in this space are not wood, but rather painted cement. We anticipate creative hanging methods and using a lot of tape, sticky tac and such.

Keep in mind there is always a LOT of artwork, and space is limited!

See pictures of the space here:


If you are not available on the above Free Hang dates, you should arrange to drop your work off to us so that members of the Fun A Day organizing committee will hang your work for you

The drop off night will be Feb 8th between 7-9 pm at one of our member's places, right around the corner from the WBNA.

Email Sarah to set up a drop off if you can't make the Free Hang at...

Please make our job as easy as you can!

The fewer things we have to hang, the better-- for example, if you have 31 separate pieces of paper, put them on one or two large posters, or mount them to a canvas or put them all in a book, etc. There will be some tables and surfaces to display books, sculpture, etc.)


You can take your artwork home either at the end of the show on Saturday night, or on Sunday February 13th from 12-5 pm.


If your project involves the reading of a written work, music, dance, or other performance and you’d like to perform during the show, and you *have not* explicitly told us so already, please contact so we can arrange the particulars. If you have told us about your performance, we will be in touch via email.

Thanks for your participation!

Yours in creation,
the Fun A Day team